Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.

Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.



Phnom Penh, 11 May 2023 - Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC. (Dai-ichi Life Cambodia) launched its enhanced electronic point of sales tool (DLIS 2.0), which is a modernization of workflow, enabling life insurance applications to be submitted digitally rather than through paperwork.

In accordance with the guideline by the Insurance Regulator of Cambodia (IRC) on InsureTech Innovation Sandbox, Dai-ichi Life Cambodia implements soft launch of the DLIS 2.0 to selected well-trained financial advisors/planners with effective from 11 May 2023 and to wider group of financial advisors/planners on 11 June 2023.

Mah Kin Yoong, Chief Operating Officer for Dai-ichi Life Cambodia, said that the company had put time and diligent effort in developing the tool and have it thoroughly tested to ensure that the customers will receive insurance service faster and with greater convenience. “We believe that the process will be smooth and that we will be able to seek approval from the IRC for full launch in the foreseeable future,” said Mr Mah, who also went on to express his sincere thanks to the IRC for their guidance, review and approval of the soft launch.

Should you have any questions about or an issue in purchasing life insurance from Dai-ichi Life Cambodia via DLIS 2.0, we are grateful for your feedback via phone calls at 023 955 333 or 1800 201 202 or via email csc@dai-ichilife.com.kh.