Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.

By sharing the Group’s principles (Mission, Vision, Values and Brand Message), each group company contributes to people’s secure and prosperous living and the development of local communities in their respective regions and countries.

In addition, by sharing the Group’s strategies with each company, we strive to maximize the value of the Group and aim for sustainable growth, moving forward together in the same direction.



“By your side, for life”

Since our foundation in 1902, the Dai-ichi Life Group has always put our customers first.

This philosophy continues to guide us as we move forward. We contribute to local communities by passing on peace of mind through the provision of life insurance and related services. As part of the Dai-ichi Life Group, all our companies will continue to stand by the side of our customers and their loved ones, for life.



“Protect and improve the well-being of all”

As a lifetime partner, we safeguard and contribute to the peace of mind, prosperity and wellness of all the people we serve.



To help build a sustainable society and continue to meet the expectations of customers, society, employees, etc., Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC. has adopted the following corporate action principles (“DSR Charter”). “DSR” stands for “Dai-ichi’s Social Responsibility,” a unique framework for using the PDCA cycle company-wide to continually improve management quality and satisfy our social responsibilities to all stakeholders, while increasing the corporate value of the Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.


Customer satisfaction: We provide high-quality products and services with the intention of standing by the side of our customers for life. In everything we do we strive to exceed our customers’ expectation and achieve customer satisfaction with outstanding speed.


Communication: We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and sincerely accept their opinions, reflecting them in our corporate management.


Promoting health: We manage the company to help improve the health of the people in our local communities. We also promote the mental and physical health of all employees.


Social contribution: We head social action programs, growing together with communities as an active corporate citizen.


Brand Message

“People First”

We aim to be a company that puts the interests of people first. We aspire to become the most highly regarded life insurance company by customers.